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7 Days? I SOLD My House For Cash In 3!

Selling your house for cash in less than seven days seems like an unattainable dream at first glance. However, not only is it possible, but you can also do it without having to decrease your home’s price by a lot. In this article, we will cover three ways you can sell your house and get the cash you need in no time.

The traditional selling method involves hiring a real estate agent. And while it is possible to sell your house this way quickly, the traditional approach is by far the most lengthy one, especially if you want to get a reasonable price on your home.

Additionally, there are quite a few additional selling costs associated with this method, which can end up costing you more than you earn. Still, if you find a good real estate agent that knows the local market inside out and has an effective marketing strategy in place, you can get quite a good deal. 

Selling youself! This method can go either way, as it all depends on your actions and selling prowess. Additionally, if you choose to sell your home all by yourself, you will be in charge of everything, including listing the house, setting the price, evaluating your home and finding the right buyer. 

Also, you will be responsible for staging your home to make it as appealing as possible, fixing all damages, cleaning up the outside of your house and creating a welcoming atmosphere for buyers. So, all these activities combined make the process quite challenging for one person to handle.

However, if you decide to go with this method, make sure to create a good marketing plan. You can do this by researching the best places to list your home and looking up the sales of similar homes so that you can set a competitive price. 

Out of the three methods listed in this article, selling your house to a professional home buyer is by far the fastest one. Essentially, professional home buyers are companies or individuals that buy properties for a living and offer excellent cash deals. 

Additionally, these professionals usually cover all additional costs and give cash offers within 24 hours for all listings with a buy my house cash clause.

Moreover, this method is entirely hassle-free and does not require you to do a lot of work. Also, you won’t have to worry about financial contingencies prolonging the sale because professional home buyers will purchase your home with cash, so no mortgages or loans are involved. 

And most professional home buyers purchase homes as-is, meaning that you won’t have to spend money on repairs or stage your home to drive up the price. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about the deal falling through or buyers changing their minds, which takes away virtually all uncertainty and dramatically shortens the selling process.

So, the three methods mentioned in this article clearly offer different benefits, and each can be a suitable solution, depending on your exact needs. However, regardless of your approach, you should accept a reasonable offer that brings you value and makes the sale worthwhile

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