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Geordie Shore star found to be fundamentally dishonest in court

Scott Timlin, better known as “Scotty T”, star of reality TV show Geordie Shore and winner of Celebrity Big Brother was found fundamentally dishonest at Court following an investigation by Esure and solicitors at Horwich Farrelly, the UK’s leading counter-fraud legal specialists. The award-winning legal team found that the reality star had continued to party in Ibiza and live a normal, active life while alleging that he was injured. Scott Timlin was found fundamentally dishonest, and has now been ordered to pay legal costs of £4282.

The court proceedings outlined

In June 2020, Scott Timlin was involved in an accident in Gateshead involving a customer of Esure’s. The customer admitted liability for the accident, but esure raised concerns when they received a personal injury claim from Scott Timlin 14 months after the accident.

He produced a medical report and issued proceedings in Court claiming he had suffered soft tissue injuries to his neck, shoulders, lower back and right hand. He told his medical expert that the injuries were ongoing and severe 15 months later.

The specialist teams at HF and Esure found extensive social media posts by Timlin.  His Instagram account showed him on holiday in Ibiza one week after the accident, where he stayed for three months, partying, swimming and carrying out gymnastic poses. The posts and the fact that he never sought medical attention despite alleging severe pain made his claims seem inconceivable.

District Judge Thomas, however, found his case flawed and with his medical evidence claiming ongoing injuries 15 months after the accident, it was a “mystery” as to what treatment he had.

A legal warning for fraudsters

Jared Mallinson, Partner and Head of Counter Fraud at HF added, “This case is a fantastic example of our intelligence and fraud teams collaborating to help combat fraudulent claims for our clients. Social media played a huge part in Mr Timlin being found fundamentally dishonest and our holistic approach demonstrates the results that insurers can achieve.”

Andy Nixon, Fraud Operations Manager at Esure said, “We are delighted with this outcome and the message it sends to anyone who is considering making fraudulent claims which detrimentally impact our honest customers’ premiums. Our investigation proved that Mr Timlin’s claim was dishonest and when it comes to trying to fraudulently claim from insurers, everyone is treated the same.”

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