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GMB targets bold in fresh workers’ rights legal action

Other companies have done the right thing, why can’t Bolt, asks GMB Union? 

GMB Union is to launch legal action against platform-based private hire firm Bolt.

The case is on behalf of drivers who are allegedly being denied their workers’ rights.

Proceedings will be lodged with the Employment Tribunal in London.

Other ride-sharing apps such as Uber have accepted their drivers are workers and given them the rights to which they are legally entitled.

However Bolt continues to use a bogus self-employment model, denying drivers sick pay, pension rights and other benefits.

Mick Rix, GMB National Officer, said:

“Bolt needs to wake up and accept its responsibility to its drivers.

“Other companies have done the right thing, why can’t Bolt?

“Guaranteed hours, sick pay, pension contributions – these aren’t privileges to be bestowed when companies feel like it, they are the legal right of all UK workers.

“GMB will fight bogus self-employment and exploitative practices whenever and wherever we can.”

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