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Twitch Gamers Earn over 88x of UK Nurse Monthly Salary

Using data compiled from Feedpixel’s Twitch money calculator, Fair Betting Sites showed that top Twitch gamers earn 88x more than a UK nurse monthly salary.

xQc is the #1 gaming streamer on Twitch, making £243,747 in January.

The average NHS nurse brings in around £33,384 a year with salaries ranging from £26,000 to £42,000. The average Train Driver earners £48,500 per year and the average Primary Teacher earns even less, bringing in an average of £35,745 per year.

For full data, visit: https://www.safebettingsites.com/2023/02/02/twitch-gamer-monthly-earnings/

If you would like to use the data in this release, you must credit and link back to https://www.safebettingsites.com/

Top Twitch Gamers Earns 88x More In A Month Than Average NHS Nurses Monthly Salary


To put these figures into perspective, we’ve compared the top earning Twitch streamers to workers in three sectors that will be going on strike in the UK.

Primary Teachers earn about £2,978 per month (before tax) or 82x less than xQc, the top-earning Twitch gamer.

Train Drivers earn £4,041 (before tax) or 60x less than xQc.

Things look even worse for NHS Nurses, who make on average £2,787 per month (before tax) or about 88x less than the top-earning Twitch gamer.

University lecturers earn £3,417 (before tax) or 71x less than xQc.

Ambulance Workers and Fire Fighters both earn £3,083 (before tax) or 79x less than xQc.

Civil Servants earn £2,167 (before tax) or 112x less than xQc.

Finally, Postal Workers earn £2,083 (before tax) or 117x less than xQc.

It Takes xQc 4 Days To Earn An NHS Nurse’s Yearly Salary

Twitch gamer xQc would need to work a little over 4 days to earn a NHS Nurse’s yearly salary.

xQc would need to stream for 5 days to surpass a Primary Teacher’s yearly income.

xQc could reach a UK Train Driver’s yearly salary in a little over 8 days.

xQc would need to stream for just over 5 days to earn a University Lecturer’s yearly salary.

xQc could reach a Fire Fighter or Ambulance Worker’s yearly salary in a little over 4 days.

Twitch gamer xQc would need to work a little over 3 days to surpass a Civil Servant & Postal Worker’s yearly salary.

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