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What Draws People to the Legal Profession?

The legal profession has a very specific reputation in the eyes of the public. Law can be considered a dry subject by outsiders, and law professionals boring sometimes by extension. But, despite this outdated understanding of the industry, there are more people joining the workforce as practising solicitors than ever before. What is it that draws people to the legal profession, exactly?

Broadness of Prospects

One of the leading factors in the growing popularity of the legal profession relates to its sheer breadth. To the uninitiated and uninformed, law is law, and solicitors are solicitors. But, casting aside the various roles and positions available in a standard solicitor’s office or criminal court, there is an extremely wide range of subjects and disciplines in which to specialise.

The difference between corporate and environmental law is significant, as with between handling criminal proceedings and the administration of medical negligence claims against healthcare bodies. Budding law professionals can choose a specialism that suits and interests them, making for a rich and fulfilling career in their chosen subject of study.

Competitive Industries

Law as an industry is also a hugely competitive one – and not just with regard to the fighting of a case in court. Positions and roles are hotly contested, and personal development is encouraged in order to get ahead as a law professional.

The high demands of workers within the law industry can be hugely motivating, giving those hungry for the work a strong reason to challenge themselves and rise up the ranks. This effort is well-rewarded by accolade, increased success and a positive reputation.

Job Security

Not only is the rigorous work of a law professional recognised with accolades, but it is also rewarded via job security. The vast majority of law careers are well-remunerated and fairly stable even in times of economic crisis.

In the event that a firm does liquidate, the high barrier of entry created by the qualifications and experience necessary to work in law makes your future job prospects incredibly lucrative. A law professional is rarely out of work for long.

Never a Dull Day

The legal landscape is diverse and constantly developing. While court proceedings can outwardly appear to be drudgery, the truth is that no two days are the same for any law professional. Whether a judge adjudicating wildly different cases day by day, or a solicitor representing new clients and researching interesting cases, there is never a dull day.

Making a Real Difference

Working in law is often a thankless task, as the meaningful results of certain outcomes and endeavours are lost on wider communities. But law enables many within the industry to make real differences in the course of their career. These differences can be as simple as saving a young, misled teenager from a custodial sentence, or as complex as altering national policy on climate change.

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