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100% pass rate for BPP Solicitor Apprentices sitting the SQE2 exam

Last week saw the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) release the results for the first-ever SQE2 assessment, with 77% of candidates successfully passing.

BPP University Law School are pleased to announce that 100% of their solicitor apprentices who sat their SQE2 exams in April have passed, compared to the national average of 77%.

BPP can confirm that over 60% of the students were in the top quintile with a pass mark of 80% or above.

Students had to successfully complete SQE1 in order to sit the SQE2 assessment which tests the application of legal knowledge and practical legal skills through 16 written and oral tasks, in addition to 14 hours of assessments across a range of legal skills.

This follows the excellent success from the same 2016 solicitor apprentice cohort, who received their LLB Degree results in June this year. 16 out of 20 students who completed their LLB at the first opportunity and received amongst those results were 3 x double firsts, 5 x firsts and 6 x 2:1’s.

Bruce Humphrey, Award Leader at BPP said “We are extremely proud with how our solicitor apprentices have performed. Legal apprenticeships have become increasingly popular over the past few years with switched-on school leavers realising that being embedded with an employer from day one provides a springboard for their future career.

BPP has adopted a consistent learning and teaching strategy for all of our SQE programmes, which means that our legal apprentices have an equivalent experience to learners on non-apprenticeship programmes. This ensures that they benefit from the same leading educational technology platforms, utilise the same high-quality materials, and attend regular live collaborative workshops with the same expert tutors.”

Jo-Anne Pugh, Dean of BPP University Law School praised the success of this cohort and commented “We are thrilled to announce that 100% of our solicitor apprentices who sat their SQE2 exams in April have passed. This marks the final step in our apprentices qualifying as solicitors, having recently received their LLB results in June, with outstanding results across the board.”

This has been no easy feat; these students were the first group to take the step-change into how solicitors are examined in addition to studying during the pressures of Covid-19. I wish them nothing but further success and I’m confident they’ll make excellent lawyers”

Laura Birks, solicitor apprentice commented “”I feel relieved to have passed the SQE. It will take time to adjust to my 6-year apprenticeship journey coming to an end but I look forward to the future as a qualified solicitor. It is really great to hear that all apprentices who took the first ever SQE2 with BPP passed and I am so pleased for the rest of my cohort. A big thanks to BPP for getting us through the exam!”

William Preston, solicitor apprentice commentedI am elated to have passed the Solicitors Qualifying Examination. It was a formidable examination and thoroughly tested my knowledge and skills. Coupled with BPP’s preparatory modules, my solicitor apprenticeship placed me at a considerable advantage by providing me with over five years of legal training.”

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