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How to easily search, compare and choose a lawyer to get legal advice for your business

At some point all businesses, however big or small will need a lawyer.  The two main issues are firstly to know when you need a lawyer and secondly, how to find the right one.  Finding a lawyer can be a real challenge.  How do you know how to find one, a search online brings up endless lawyers, but how do you know if they have the right skills and experience with affordable fees? Working with the wrong lawyer can put your business in peril, for small businesses, with small legal budgets choosing the right lawyer is crucial.

Some of the top reasons businesses need layers are:

  • Debt recovery – if the money you’re owed is more than the £5000 limit for making a claim through the small claims court then you’re going to need some legal advice about how you can recover customers or clients that owe you money.
  • A dispute resolution – this can be anything from a contract dispute, a partnership dispute
  • Defamation
  • When you are threatened with legal action
  • Employment issues – this can include employee disputes and contracts
  • Contract issues –freelancer and service contracts, landlord and tenant, business contracts
  • Intellectual property disputes
  • Bankruptcy and insolvency

LegalDrop is a new legal marketplace set up to help business owners easily find the right lawyer for their legal needs.  It removes the hassle of trawling the internet for a lawyer.  It simplifies the whole process by giving users a choice by guiding them through a simple process that connects them with the fully vetted lawyers (something you can’t do when you choose someone online), with guaranteed upfront fees, no surprise charges and a clear scope of work based on your needs.

Dror Levy, CEO of Legal Drop says: “When you’re running a small business, whether it’s a construction business or a tech start-up there is going to come a time when you need a lawyer.  We set up LegalDrop to help people not only easily choose the right lawyer for their business but also to help them work out whether they need a lawyer and what kind of legal advice they need.  LegalDrop takes users on a simple matchmaking journey through our marketplace that connects lawyers and potential clients.  The lawyers are all fully vetted and all their services and fees are transparent.  This is hugely important to LegalDrop users, especially the ones where every penny counts which of course, is everyone these days.

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