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International human rights law firm launches Ukrainian sexual violence support team to protect women and children

*This article covers sensitive and graphic topics. Viewer discretion is advise*

Global Rights Compliance, an international human rights law firm, has launched the first ‘Sexual Violence Mobile Justice Team’ in response to growing reports Russian soldiers committing acts of sexual violence against Ukrainian women, men and children. The Sexual Violence Mobile Justice Team is formed of international and Ukrainian leading prosecutors and investigators. The team are being rapidly deployed to support Ukrainian authorities in their documentation, investigation and prosecution of sexual crimes reportedly committed by Russian soldiers.

What the evidence suggests

The outbreak of war in Ukraine in February 2022 saw a significant increase in reports of conflict-related sexual violence.

In the UN Commission’s October 2022 report on human rights violations in the conflict in Ukraine, it found that, in the period since the conflict began in February 2022 to October 2022, there was evidence of conflict related sexual violence crimes being ‘committed by some Russian armed forces soldiers in localities that came under their control .” The Commission is continuing to investigate the “extent to which sexual and gender-based violence constituted a widespread pattern”. 

Following the team’s deployment, new reports of sexual crimes being committed by Russian soldiers have surfaced.

Commenting on the evidence, Wayne Jordash KC, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Global Rights Compliance said:

“The crimes seem to be a deliberate attack on the very fabric of Ukraine’s society. The formation of the Sexual Violence Mobile Justice Team is intended as another tool for the Ukrainian justice system to use to seek justice for Ukrainian survivors. Working at the behest of the Ukrainian authorities, we will work to ensure that those who suffer these terrible crimes are supported.”

About the Sexual Violence Justice Team

The new Sexual Violence Mobile Justice Team will support the implementation of a victim- and witness oriented approach to operations, designed to support Ukraine’s response mechanisms to conflict-related sexual violence.

The team are be headed by:

  • Wayne Jordash KC, Director and Co-Founder of Global Rights Compliance
  • Anna Mykytenko, Ukraine’s Country Manager.

Their work includes assisting local authorities in gathering evidence, alongside supporting the analysis of this data and enabling a safe and secure victim support process. The continuing development of Ukrainian conflict-related sexual violence legislation will ensure more perpetrators are brought to account, offering survivors efficient and effective support.

About Global Rights Compliance law firm

Global Rights Compliance, founded in 2013, is an international human rights law firm and foundation, specialising in international humanitarian law, international criminal law and business and human rights. Global Rights Compliance’s mission is to provide justice through the innovative application of international law. 

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