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Leading immigration specialist DRSI Global launches Borderless Jobs board to tackle the UK’s skills shortage

Leading immigration specialists DRSI Global have set up a unique new platform Borderless Jobs to help UK employers secure access to overseas workers in the sectors struggling the most with skills shortages, such as care, IT, hospitality, construction and engineering.

In the second quarter of this year, UK job vacancies were at over 1.28m, the highest ever for the country, and a 94% increase on the year before. In the adult social care sector alone, there are 50,000 fewer nurses than there are roles needing to be filled. With such a large gap to fill, UK companies can benefit from looking abroad and maximising on the value that overseas workers can bring to the UK.

Currently, UK employers who are looking to hire skilled individuals from outside the UK are faced with a myriad of hurdles and hoops to jump through, including managing applicants’ sponsor licence applications and applying for work visas for their new hires. All of this red tape makes employing from outside the UK a time-consuming, onerous task and a lot of SMEs will abandon it at the first hurdle leaving them without the staff they vitally need. Equally, overseas workers who are looking to work in the UK lack access to the jobs/employers that are willing to hire foreigners and they are being turned away from most UK job boards as they don’t have a working visa. This is where Borderless Jobs will solve the problem.

DRSI has set up Borderless Jobs, a simple to use, one-stop, web-based platform to help all UK employers wishing to hire foreign workers for employment in the UK, taking the burden off employers and dealing with all the immigration challenges involved, as well as acting as a job board matching potential overseas employees to UK employers. Borderless Jobs is set to be a gamechanger for the recruitment industry, as employers can enjoy a truly streamlined service, saving them both time and money and expanding their search worldwide.

Borderless Jobs is effectively a job board giving non-UK job seekers a wraparound UK sponsor licence and work visa process management service that also exposes them to the open vacancies in the UK on a simple easy to use platform.

The benefits of Borderless Jobs include:

● No need for employers to battle the bureaucracy applying for their Sponsor Licence, transfering the Certificate of Sponsorship and dealing with the specific work visa applications for potential workers: Borderless Jobs does it for them as the process management systems are built into the platform.
● No need for employers to find an immigration advisor or law firm to help with the application for the sponsor licence: UK immigration advisors DRSI Global power all the incorporated legal services through their OISC (Office of Immigration Services Commissioner) approved consultants.
● UK employers can post a vacancy on the board and be matched with high quality applicants worldwide: there is a matching algorithm running on the site and KYC software is run on all jobseekers.
● The hand-off of the certificate of sponsorship to the new employee is incorporated within these options.
● Employers can be reassured that their new hire(s) is registered under the correct visa, swiftly finding the best applicant for the job and filling diversity quotas as well as empty positions.
● Employers avoid the huge cost of staff churn and and the training costs associated as employees on a work visa stay on average for about 3-5 years with the same employer.
● Employees are guided throughout the whole process on how to prepare themselves for the visa process once they are matched with an employer.
● Simple and straightforward user experience for both applicants and potential employers.

DRSI’s CEO Daliah Sklar comments: “No economy wants to be faced with a skills shortage and, if jobs remain unfilled, this could have serious consequences. We’re excited by the prospect of our Borderless Jobs scheme, demonstrating to UK employers the value that can be found in overseas workers. After all, an improved economy will benefit everyone.

“By making it easier than ever for both job seekers and employers to cut through the red tape and match the best person to their perfect roles, we hope to show all the benefits that non-UK workers can bring. The issue here is not immigration but integration, which is hampered only by the bureaucracy of borders. We want to dispel the myths that media outlets often encourage about the disadvantages of “foreign” workers/immigrants. Once taught how to navigate these hurdles, we believe that quality non-UK applicants will help jump-start the UK economy.”

Not only will Borderless Jobs connect UK employers with potential applicants from across the globe, but it will also place special focus on ensuring the process is as fair and balanced as possible, promoting diversity wherever possible. CVs posted on the jobs board wil, initially,l not include personal data, ensuring that only applicants’ skills and work experience will be taken into account, preventing discrimination of any kind.

DRSI’s Borderless Jobs scheme will launch at the end of October and the firm is expecting a great deal of immediate interest from employers in the sectors with the highest skills shortages and hoping they will be the early adopters.

For more information or to speak to CEO Daliah Sklar, please contact either Lydia Drukarz (07977 454180) or Will Jones (07505 827569) at Wavelength PR or email: lydia@wavelengthpr.com or willwavelengthpr@gmail.com

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