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Slaughter and May adopts new [AI-powered] proofreading solution from Definely to aid friction-free working.

Magic Circle law firm Slaughter and May has adopted Definely Proof, the brand new AI-powered proofreading solution from LegalTech startup Definely.

Slaughter and May’s reputation for excellence is built on the strength of its people, combined with a fresh, innovative approach to work. 

In addition to onboarding Definely’s flagship product, Definely Draft, to automate repetitive tasks when reading, drafting and reviewing legal documents, Slaughter and May is the first firm to onboard Definely Proof, the new legal proofreading solution from Definely.

Definely Proof enables Slaughter and May’s lawyers to produce clean contracts in less time. Powered by AI, the latest addition to the Definely Suite saves time on a vital part of the document lifecycle so lawyers can focus on the work that matters most to them and their clients.

“The Definely Suite proved popular during the pilot phase with clear benefits to the firm’s lawyers. We are looking forward to seeing how it develops as it begins to be used around the firm.” – Emma Walton, Senior Knowledge and Innovation Manager.

Definely is proud to be identified by Slaughter and May as a tool which will assist its lawyers in delivering best-in-class legal services for clients. 

​​”We’re delighted to welcome Slaughter and May to our growing list of customers. Their collaborative approach to innovation and adopting new products has made it a pleasure to work alongside them, and we are excited about continuing our relationship.”  – Rhys Hodkinson, Chief Commercial Officer at Definely.

The announcement marks a period of continued growth for Definely, who now count two of the five Magic Circle law firms as customers.

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