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The Legal Iconoclast Expo is a First-of-its-Kind and Aims to Spark Big Changes Within the Legal Profession

Legal professionals from all over the world will soon be able to attend a first-of-its-kind virtual conference to suit their time zone, with two events taking place at 9am BST on Tuesday 6th September and 9pm BST on Wednesday 7th September 2022.

Launching its inaugural event, The Legal Iconoclast EXPO aims to be a catalyst for change within the legal profession. Bringing together key speakers from across the world, the ‘Iconoclasts’ aim to provoke, explain, and champion change in what they believe to be an outdated cottage industry.

Being unashamedly different from your usual Legal conference, The Legal Iconoclast EXPO is being held virtually – not on Zoom or Teams – via the latest virtual conferencing software REMO. The revolutionary platform allows delegates to network, visit sponsors’ rooms, attend speaking events in the main theatre to earn CPD points, and even receive virtual delegate packs.

Shaun Jardine, Founder of Big Yellow Penguin and key speaker at Legal Iconoclast, explains: “The professional services market, in its current form, is being disrupted. There is a battle for talent, demand for agile working and new technology-based entrants to the legal services market. Things must change. The time for the iconoclasts has arrived!”

During the four-hour event, delegates will hear from speakers from three different parts of the world in what promises to be a high-energy, thought-provoking session, covering: rainmaking and winning work, ditching the billable hour, assessing value and the benefits of value pricing, and increasing profits on the bottom line.

Along with Shaun, The Legal Iconoclast EXPO was the brainchild of fellow Iconoclasts and key speakers, John Chisholm, Melbourne-based legal consultant and Gibraltar-based Scott Simmons, coach and trainer to the legal profession.

Having spent the first half of his career in practice, Scott understands the difficulties lawyers face winning new clients while also doing the work that is in front of them. And the pace of change in the world means the need to adapt how we sell legal services has become more important than ever.

“New businesses are being created every day by a new generation who expect their lawyers to reflect who they are and how they work. 21st century lawyers need to sell legal services in a consultative approach that gets to the heart of their clients’ needs and goals,” Scott said.

As a practising lawyer, John was well placed to experience first-hand both the benefits but also the drawbacks of the professions billing their services solely by reference to time.

John explains: “A major area for reform is pricing – clients and lawyers hate the current system – we believe it’s time to ditch the billable hour and embrace value pricing. It’s a huge step, but we hope to show the industry that it can be achieved and how beneficial it will be for the whole sector.”

All three Iconoclasts are passionate about helping law firms and lawyers become more profitable, want to improve client experience and aim to help lawyers achieve a better work-leisure harmony.

During the four-hour event, delegates will receive a brief introduction to:
• Rainmaking best practice. Winning the work.
• The advantages of ditching the billable hour and embracing value pricing.
• How value is assessed. How lawyers can capture it.
• The benefits that value pricing brings to clients, law firms and lawyers.
• Removing the artificial fee cap and increase profit on the bottom line.

Tickets cost £69 each, or £250 for corporate passes of up to six delegates, and can be purchased via the website www.bigyellowpenguin.co.uk/legal-iconoclasts-expo.

The Legal Iconoclast Expo is kindly being sponsored by Conscious – design, websites and marketing for law firms, Thriving – business development consultancy for the professional, Katchr – intelligent law business software and financial services industry, and Altfee – legal pricing software.

Limited sponsorship opportunities are still available; to find out more, please visit www.bigyellowpenguin.co.uk/legal-iconoclast-expo-sponsorship .

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