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How Investigators Trace Crypto Criminals?

A cryptocurrency investigation uses all the advanced techniques to follow the trail of the funds. 

During a cryptocurrency investigation, a certified cryptocurrency investigator looks through the transactions posted to the blockchain. 

This article will explain criminal investigators, tracing crypto criminals, and everything in detail.

Let’s begin!

Who Are Criminal Investigators and How Do They Work?

A criminal investigator is a person who is educated and also trained to investigate crimes, crime scenes, and criminal activity. They often work for their state and federal law enforcement agencies.

They use various methods and tools to find and analyse possible evidence of criminal activity. Their first goal is to figure out what may have happened if it appears that a crime was committed. They also need to determine if a series of events amounted to a crime. 

If a crime has been committed, they must identify the perpetrators. Then it is time to gather the evidence that the prosecution might be able to use at a trial to prove that the person charged with the crime is, in fact, the perpetrator. 

They play an integral role in the justice system. They gather facts and collect evidence to help solve crimes. Some investigators track down information on computers, while others spend more time in the field.

Criminal investigators perform various tasks, such as:

  • Looking for evidence at the time of a crime.
  • Collecting physical evidence from the place where the crime has happened.
  • Analysing evidence in a lab.
  • Finding witnesses to find out what happened and gather the evidence.
  • Reviewing photos, audio files, or video records that may contain information about the crime.
  • Reviewing similar old criminal cases.
  • Meeting a suspected perpetrator to gather statements from them.

If you need legal help related to cryptocurrency investigation, you should get in touch with cryptocurrency and blockchain solicitors.

How Investigators Trace Crypto Criminals?

Using a combination of Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Customer (KYC) data collected by the exchanges, an investigator can identify the owner of a cryptocurrency address.

Blockchain analytics software is the way that provides investigators with identifying data for blockchain commodities risk assessment insights for crypto funds, and these tools are used for clear transaction visualisation and combining such data with KYC information so that they can trace the funds back to the criminal.

If your cryptocurrency has been stolen, a powerful technique known as crypto tracing can identify the target transactions and locate assets. Whether to inform a financial crime investigation or assist an asset search, they offer exceptional crypto trading services across the globe.

With the transaction IDs of a victim’s assets, the movement of stolen funds can be traced. Many exchanges can operate within the jurisdiction where the customer requirements are generally required for exchanges because of the significance of the market share to be gained.

Blockchain Analytics solution helps customers investigate crypto crimes. Investigators can use many tools to follow the funds related to crypto crimes and identify where the funds went. So, there are some tools:

  • Blockchain actors deanonymization
  • Investigation Tool for clear visualisation of transaction flows
  • In-depth reports


The use of cryptocurrency as part of criminal schemes is increasing, and the uptake of this payment medium is accelerating. However, the overall number and value of cryptocurrency transactions related to criminal activities still represent only a limited share of the criminal economy compared to cash and other transactions. 

A range of constraints are related to the use of cryptocurrencies, with high volatility likely a significant factor in criminals’ reluctance to use cryptocurrencies for long term investments.

So, as you go through the article, your doubts related to the topic will be cleared, and you will get the knowledge related to tracing Crypto Criminals.

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