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Why Law Firms Should be Considering More International Candidates

Recruiting talented legal professionals is a fundamental process for law firms in the UK and across the world. New employees drive a firm forward and create healthy competition in the company environment, which is beneficial for all levels of the organisation. International candidates are sometimes overlooked in favour of home-grown talent, but UK law firms may want to consider more international graduate and trainee staff. They may need support with establishing themselves in a new country, such as finding temporary serviced accommodation in the first few months, but the benefits of their presence could be beneficial for all involved. Below we explore some of the reasons why.

Encourage diversity

First of all, international candidates and trainees are an invaluable opportunity to encourage diversity and progressive attitudes in your firm. Diversity can have several widespread impacts on your organisation as a whole including stronger team dynamics and more healthy workplace culture. It can also help to recruit talented staff in the future by boosting your reputation as an employer in the legal sector.

Invite new perspectives

Not only can diversity help to shape your organisation, but international talents can bring fresh perspectives and ideas into your firm. The legal landscape is forever changing and new perspectives could be the difference between your firm leading the charge on industry developments or lagging behind. Clients expect an agile and knowledgeable legal team to support them, so bringing in fresh minds will surely help to provide that.

Support strategic ambitions

Your firm may have strategic ambitions to break into new territory or expand overseas, or you may already be operating globally. Either way, international recruits can provide invaluable insight into the regional and cultural landscapes in which you are operating. This can help to boost new client acquisition and bridge the gap between your firm and potential new partners or clients down the line.

Expand skillset and languages

Recruits can certainly help to diversify your collective skillset too. For more established law firms, fresh thinking and digital skills can help to modernise operations and collaborative efforts. International talent can also help to add to the number of languages spoken in your organisation, again which can be very useful for new business purposes and supporting operations in a wide variety of countries.

Considering more international professionals and trainees could be the key to unlocking the full potential of your law firm and creating sustainable growth across the world. Will you start considering more?

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