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Costa Rican Government Taps FreeBalance for Sweeping Digital Overhaul

Costa Rican Government Taps FreeBalance for Sweeping Digital Overhaul

Ministry of Finance embarks on a multi-year transformation initiative to revolutionize government operations with FreeBalance’s digital technology and advisory expertise.

In a significant move towards modernization, the Costa Rican Ministry of Finance has entered into a strategic partnership with FreeBalance, a key player in providing digital technology and advisory services for national governments. This collaboration signals the initiation of a comprehensive digital transformation program aimed at revolutionizing various facets of government operations.

FreeBalance will be at the forefront, offering its unified government technology platform and specialized advisory and technical implementation services. The goal is to facilitate the creation of a citizen-centric, digitally-driven framework that will transform planning, budgeting, public expenditure, accounting, human resource management, reporting, and treasury functions within the Costa Rican government.

FreeBalance President & CEO, Manuel Schiappa Pietra, shakes hands with President of Costa Rica, Rodrigo Chaves Robles, at yesterday's press conference
FreeBalance President & CEO, Manuel Schiappa Pietra, shakes hands with President of Costa Rica, Rodrigo Chaves Robles, at yesterday’s press conference

Fueled by funding from the World Bank, the project targets the enhancement of efficiency, effectiveness, and client orientation within tax and customs administration and public expenditure management through the Ministry of Finance’s digital evolution.

Manuel Schiappa Pietra, President and CEO of FreeBalance, emphasized the transformative nature of the project, foreseeing critical reforms and improved fiscal and societal outcomes for Costa Rican citizens. Drawing on their extensive experience collaborating with governments globally, FreeBalance positions itself uniquely to support Costa Rica on its digital transformation journey.

This initiative aims to overhaul government financial management in Costa Rica, placing a premium on efficiency, transparency, and citizen engagement. By strategically transforming resource planning at both the strategic and operational levels, the project promises to provide Costa Rican citizens with visibility into the collection, investment, and impact of public funds on their lives. This shift towards a citizen-centric approach aims to position citizens at the forefront of service delivery for enhanced social outcomes and satisfaction.

The project’s impact extends to helping public finance leaders in Costa Rica manage financial and human resources more efficiently, increase clarity and predictability in the country’s financial and budgetary systems, and facilitate decision-making through a centralized and integrated platform. Aligning resources with workload is expected to enhance overall productivity.

Beyond government operations, the initiative anticipates generating more revenue for public investments through streamlined operations and strengthened expenditure controls. Efficient data generation and processing will ensure timely and accurate information sharing, improving the transparency of government finances. The project will embed a customer service-oriented approach across all government units, aiming to reduce transaction costs and elevate citizen satisfaction.

FreeBalance has joined forces with Computer Network Systems Limited (CNS) for this project. Leveraging CNS’s experience in implementing diverse software projects across various government organizations, the collaboration aims to achieve the Ministry of Finance’s vision of digital leadership.

To ensure seamless collaboration with government stakeholders, FreeBalance has established a local office in San José. Ongoing support and sustainability services will be provided by a local team, with the backing of FreeBalance’s global and regional experts.

About FreeBalance: FreeBalance collaborates with some of the world’s most innovative governments to drive growth and sustainable development through digital transformation. By delivering a centralized and integrated digital government technology platform, FreeBalance empowers countries to manage and deliver government services more effectively, enhancing citizen and business satisfaction. With nearly 40 years of experience, FreeBalance has worked in over 30 countries and is committed to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), aiding governments in aligning digital transformation with national development priorities.

For more information, visit www.freebalance.com.

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