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Legal challenge filed by Friends of the Earth over Cumbrian coal mine

Friends of the Earth has filed its application in the High Court to challenge the government’s decision to grant planning permission for a new coal mine in Cumbria. The claim was filed by the environmental group and served on other parties late on the 13th of January. Friends of the Earth revealed it was taking legal action earlier this month.

Friends of the Earth campaigner, Tony Bosworth, said:

“Planning to open a new coal mine in the middle of a climate emergency is unthinkable. Our legal challenge focuses on how the Secretary of State dealt with evidence relating to climate change put forward by Friends of the Earth and others at the planning inquiry.

“The people of West Cumbria have been badly let down by years of government under-investment. Long-term, sustainable jobs are desperately wanted and needed.

“Hundreds of jobs could be created in the area by a programme to insulate homes which would also bring down household energy bills and cut climate emissions. How soon this happens is down to the government and when it makes the investment that is so clearly needed.

“West Cumbria should be at the forefront of the transition to a green economy that would see the UK leading the way towards a zero-carbon future.”

Rowan Smith, solicitor at Leigh Day, said:

“Of particular importance in this legal challenge is whether the Secretary of State lawfully concluded that the purchase of carbon credits would make a meaningful contribution to the UK’s net zero targets, given their achievement relied on domestic – as opposed to international – offsetting.

“Friends of the Earth’s legal claim has now been filed with the Court. It is our hope that a hearing is granted to allow full argument on these matters.”

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