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Can a No-Contact Motorcycle Accident Lead to a Lawsuit?

Motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable to non-contact collisions. These are collisions that happen when a rider has to swerve to avoid colliding with another car, but the motorist who forced the rider to swerve is still accountable for the collision. As long as the motorcyclist can demonstrate that the other driver was at fault, a driver may be held accountable in the state of Florida for the harm done to them and their property in no-contact accidents.

Did the Driver Act Carelessly?

Negligence is the foundation of a no-contact claim, and the plaintiff will mostly depend on demonstrating negligence to support their claim. When someone drives negligently, it indicates that they did not drive with due care or according to reasonable norms that other drivers would have followed in a comparable circumstance. In these kinds of circumstances, a reasonable person would respond appropriately and refrain from doing anything that could result in an accident. A motorist would be negligent, for instance, if they were using a telephone while operating a vehicle and began to merge into another lane without recognizing a motorbike was in that lane, running the rider off the road.

Determining the Driver’s Obligations in a No-Contact Collision

An automobile can collide with a motorcycle without making touch in several ways, such as:

  • Failing to notice bikes approaching from behind. They might not even be aware that they caused the disaster, let alone witness them.
  • Breaking traffic laws by speeding, not yielding the right of way, and so on.
  • Driving when inattentive.

Bringing the At-Fault Driver Into Account

It may be more difficult to hold the negligent motorist accountable in no-contact motorbike accidents. This is because these drivers frequently fail to stop. It’s not that they’re running from the site of the disaster; rather, it’s more typically that they don’t realize they caused it. For instance, if a highly inattentive motorist unintentionally pushes a motorcyclist off the road, they can keep driving without recognizing that they were the reason behind the collision. Finding the negligent driver may be difficult unless the motorcyclist is lucky enough to get the license plate or even just a description of the car. 

You still have choices whether you were in a car or a motorcycle when you had a no-contact accident. Consult a car accident attorney about your no-contact accident.

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