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New research shows legal TV shows influenced over 50% of UK workers to start their law career

Legal TV shows often show the highs of working in law and have played a huge part in influencing the public to pursue a career in the legal sector. But, which shows are the most influential? And how accurate are they?

EM law is a commercial law firm based in Shoreditch, London. After extensive research into those who have pursued legal careers and what motivated them to do so, EM Law uncovered some compelling reasons behind their choices.

Over 56% of respondents declared their “true passion for law” as the primary influence for pursuing a legal career

For over half of the survey respondents, their true passion for the subject drove them to start their law career. With an average salary of £51,000 for a UK lawyer, it’s hardly surprising that the second most popular influence was monetary desires, as over 31% of respondents admitted that money was the main reason they chose a legal career.

Over 50% of respondents said that legal TV shows influenced their career choice

Out of the participants polled, 39% “agreed” that their favourite legal TV shows swayed their decision to pursue a career in law, while 11% “strongly agreed” they had an impact. Neil Williamson, commercial law specialist and director at EM Law, said, “It’s very interesting to see how many lawyers were influenced by legal TV shows over their choice of career. One of the shows some of our team related to the most was “This Life” which aired when they were still at Law School. It would be good to see a sequel back on our screens!”

30% of respondents declared that “Suits” was the TV show that influenced their career choice

The survey revealed Suits was the most influential TV show. Set in a New York law firm, Suits explores the story of an associate who finds himself working for one of the city’s best lawyers. Coming in at a close second was Law & Order with 22%.

Over 57% of respondents revealed they felt their chosen TV show was realistic in depicting a law career

Out of those polled, just over 57% felt that the scenarios presented in their favourite legal TV shows, both high and low, mirrored those they’ve experienced in real life. The remaining 43% felt that the shows veered off from reality.

30% of people said if they had the opportunity, they’d change their career to one that isn’t associated with legal services

Despite choosing a career in law for different reasons, just under a third would swap jobs if the opportunity arose. 70% of the participants were happy in their current role and will continue to live out their law ambitions.

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