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Stowe family Law makes first acquirement, heralding a new era to its growth strategy

Over the period of the Covid-19 pandemic, the legal sector has seen an unprecedented surge in mergers and acquisitions as firms reassess their long-term strategies which will help shape the future of the sector in a post-pandemic world.


Stowe Family Law, (Stowe) saw considerable growth through the pandemic, with year-on-year growth of 20% from April 2020-March 2022. Office portfolio increased by 113%, from 22 locations to 47 through the same period. This growth has allowed Stowe to keep pace with client demand for their services, as they have seen a 45% growth in their client base over the pandemic.


The surge in acquisitions sees no signs of slowing. The pandemic has altered the essence of the way we work, introducing fully remote and hybrid working, meaning acquisitions are now a simpler process and onboarding for new staff members can be done from anywhere. 


As such, in an exciting move to ensure they continue to provide outstanding service to clients across the country, Stowe has made its first acquisition of the well-established London-based family law firm, Chapman Pieri.


The family law team in Southgate will be led by Stowe Managing Partner Phoebe Turner, a highly respected family lawyer with over 15 years’ experience.


Phoebe said: “Chapman Pieri is a prominent specialist family law firm with a talented team of family lawyers, and we’re excited to welcome them to Stowe. This acquisition reinforces our commitment to our clients and ensures we can continue to provide our tailored services with a team that really understands family law.”


For Stowe Family Law, this is a viable and valuable growth strategy for the longer-term but also ensures that Stowe and Chapman Pieri can continue adhering to their shared values and provide the best service from a client-focused perspective. 


Stowe Family Law Chairman, Ken Fowlie, said:


“This marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for Stowe Family Law. This first acquisition by Stowe will enable us to help more families than ever before. It is a positive step in Stowe’s journey.  We are very excited to be joined by the terrific Chapman Pieri team.  We are always looking for different ways to grow the firm, support our clients, and pursue our mission to be the UK’s leading family law practise.”


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