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Temporary Buildings Planning Permission and Regulations

Are you planning to erect temporary buildings for your business, organization, or even home? These structures are useful for a variety of reasons, and they have become very popular today. Just like many people, you might be wondering about the temporary buildings planning permissions and regulations and how they will affect your project. If that’s you, there is no need to worry.

We are here to help you understand more about temporary buildings, their planning permissions, and the regulations around them. By the end of this article, you will find it easy to buy and erect temporary buildings for your business or organization’s needs.

Applying for Temporary Buildings Planning Permission and Regulations

You are required to apply for planning permissions before building temporary buildings in many parts of the world. It is a legal compliance and the authorities will be inspecting to ensure that you comply. Now, there are a few general steps that are involved, as listed below:

  •         Research local requirements – The first step is to check the requirements set by the local authorities such as when to apply and what is needed to apply. At this point, you can also check whether your temporary building supplier has applied or not.
  •         Provide drawings and plans – You will have an easy time if your supplier has already applied for the planning permissions. For instance, the Smart-Space company in the UK sells temporary structures with planning permission and certificates for other regulations. But if you have to do it, you must provide precise drawings for the temporary structures as well as other documents.
  •         Engage with the local community – Discussing your temporary construction project with the neighbors will help in areas such as party wall concerns and others. The local authorities will also need a report before they can give permission. Such a report should be done by a qualified professional such as a lawyer.

Reasons for Temporary Buildings Planning Permission and Regulations

  •         Safety and structural integrity – Temporary structures must have planning permission and must abide by regulations to maintain their structural integrity and safety. You are supposed to ensure that temporary buildings are designed, fabricated, and erected using secure innovation and dependable materials to lower the possibility of collapses.
  •         Environmental impact – Before allowing the construction of temporary buildings, the authorities ensure that the structures and associated activities are environmentally-friendly. Hence, you have to do an assessment report on the impact before getting the approvals. Again, the report must be done by a professional to be accepted by the authorities.

Benefits of Temporary Buildings Planning Permission and Regulations

  •         Legal compliance – You can only erect a temporary building when you have legal approval obtained through the planning permission process. With this, you can rest assured that your structures are compliant.
  •         Safety – As mentioned, you need planning permission and compliance with other regulations for the safety of the occupants of the temporary buildings.
  •         Cost saving – You will save a lot of costs if you apply for planning permission and follow other temporary structure building regulations.
  •         Customization – Temporary buildings that have gone through the planning permission process allow a high degree of customization and adaptability because they meet all standards. The building may be improved and modified with planning approval to meet your unique needs.


Temporary buildings planning permission and regulations are important in proving safety, legal compliance, and saving money. You have to go through this step whether it is done by the supplier or yourself. Now that you know this, it is time to make the right choices, most importantly, working with a professional who will walk you through the process or even save you the hassle.

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