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Opinion: Should there be a review of personal injury awards and settlements?

Andrew Harrison is the one of the leading clinical negligence lawyers in the North West, with a particular and well-deserved reputation for his work as a specialist in the field of breast cancer misdiagnoses in which he is an acknowledged expert.  Here he shares...

Legal reforms for ‘drivers’ of automated vehicles announced

Those in control of vehicles with self-driving features may no longer beheld responsible for accidents under newly- proposed law reforms. Under the 'Automated Vehicles Act', sanctions would fall on the manufacturer or other body responsible for obtaining authorisation for road use. A joint investigation conducted by the...

Whiplash portal service has low uptake

Official Injury Claim - a free service from the Ministry of Justice which helps people claim compensation for minor injuries from road traffic accidents - is unlikely to be used by unrepresented people, according to recent research. The service went live in May and is...