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Video Marketing 101 for Lawyers

Law firms tend to underestimate the importance of video marketing. Blogging is still popular but there has been a major shift toward videos. Both short and long-form videos have gained immense popularity in a very short time. And that’s quite evident when we see the popularity of video-specific platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels. In the law sphere, those who use attorney video marketing enjoy a number of advantages. They can stand out in a very competitive industry. It gives them a way to promote their reputation and market their practices.

Benefits of video marketing

Law firms can use videos on social media platforms to reach many potential clients. This can result in more traffic and leads. They can then convert these leads into loyal clients. Educational ones can help lawyers to showcase their expertise and build brand identity. They can establish them as authorities in their area of law. A single video on YouTube can reach numerous individuals. Educational law firm marketing video does well on a platform like YouTube as it’s suited to longer-form content. This may be anything from discussing current events from a legal point of view to creating informative how-to videos.

Lawyers can even shoot videos for YouTube on their iPhones. At times, they may encounter problems and may wonder why isn’t YouTube working. YouTube not working on iPhone could be for various reasons. Common problems iPhone users report are a blank screen, video won’t load or there’s no sound on YouTube iPhone. Outdated software or a software bug can also be a problem. A guide can show how to resolve these problems in no time.

Posting SEO-optimized videos on law websites can result in better organic search engine rankings for pages. This leads to more organic traffic. Law firms need to do keyword research to find out what terms an audience is using to search. This helps them to optimize their content with these keywords. 

Types of video content

Lawyers can create many types of videos to draw potential clients and grow their law firms. Here are some of the types they can create:

  • Interviews: Interview-style content gives potential clients more information about the types of lawyers at a law firm and what they do. These should have a call to action to contact the specific lawyer. This content suits an ‘About Me’ page on the website.
  • Company culture: Law firm company culture content that shows its mission and values can attract potential new hires.
  • Educational: ‘How-to’, explainer, and tutorial videos covering different legal situations can inform potential clients about the legal services available. An animated educational video can make complex legal concepts easier to understand. 
  • Q&A: Law firms can use Q&A videos to answer common questions clients raise. This preempts questions future clients may ask. 
  • Client testimonials: Hearing a client talk about a problem and how it was solved may be exactly what motivates a potential client to take action.
  • Case study: A case study can help to create trust in a way that is easy for potential clients to digest. They may be able to put themselves in the exact same situation as the case study subject which gets them on an emotional level.  
  • Social media: Videos that appear on social media platforms come in many different forms. This may include live streams, bite-sized content, or longer educational content.

Law firms can’t create a few videos, post them on social media, and expect results. Following best practices for videos for lawyers is essential if they want to be successful.

Law firms need to have a comprehensive video strategy and clear goals. Finding ways to measure progress is also necessary.

The videos that will work best are those that are geared towards their specific needs, such as building a brand reputation. Considering the budget is also important when making videos. 

Law firms need to decide which social media platforms to post on to best fulfill their specific goals. Every social media platform has different requirements and attracts different demographics.

Knowing how to market a law firm on Instagram is quite different from marketing on TikTok or YouTube. On YouTube, long-form content is the most popular. Bite-sized content works most on most of the other platforms. Law firms can use short-form videos that offer quick and interesting legal insights or observations.

Law firms must be able to measure and analyze their marketing efforts. This involves having access to analytics. Analytics such as knowing when people drop off a video can help them to make improvements. 

A final word

Online video marketing is a valuable tool law firms can’t afford to ignore in a digital world. Creating high-quality videos allows them to engage and educate their desired audience. They can drive traffic and attract potential clients. By strategically incorporating relevant keywords, they can also improve their search engine rankings. To make the most of video marketing, law firms should adopt a strategic approach and track their progress toward their goals.

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