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HomeLegal NewsWFW helps raise over £600,000 to support social welfare lawyers through SWQSF

WFW helps raise over £600,000 to support social welfare lawyers through SWQSF

Watson Farley & Williams (“WFW”) is delighted to announce that it has helped raise over £600,000 to help support the next generation of social welfare lawyers through the Solicitor’s Qualifying Exam (“SQE”) by supporting the Social Welfare Solicitors Qualification Fund (“SWQSF”) initiative which provides financial assistance to aspiring solicitors working in social welfare law for organisations serving disadvantaged communities. The initiative is managed by the City of London Law Society, Young Legal Aid Lawyers, BARBRI law school and the City of London Solicitors’ Company.

Launched last year, the SWSQF is currently funding SQE preparation courses and assessments for 65 individuals and works alongside other initiatives to provide greater access to justice and widen access to the legal profession. Once qualified, each lawyer delivers over 1,200 social welfare hours annually, making a significant impact on the sector.

WFW’s participation reaffirms the firm’s support for social mobility in the legal sector, given the diverse backgrounds of many social welfare law workers.

WFW Managing Partner Lindsey Keeble commented: “We are delighted to be working alongside a group of legal organisations committed to supporting access to justice through the SWSQF scheme. We hope our involvement will provide practical support for talented legal professionals from diverse backgrounds who are aiming to deliver societal impact through their practice. We look forward to seeing the initiative grow in the future”.

Colin Passmore, Chair of the City of London Law Society added: “I am pleased, as Chair of the City of London Law Society, that Watson Farley & Williams has agreed to fund our flagship initiative, the Social Welfare Solicitors’ Qualification Fund. Their financial contribution, alongside those from 29 other funding organisations, will now help the fund deliver over 60 front-line social welfare solicitors across England and Wales who will provide access to justice for the most deserving members of society. SWSQF relies entirely on the generous support of its funding and CLLS is extremely grateful to Watson Farley & Williams for joining this innovative scheme. We encourage other organisations to join them”.

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