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First ever ‘plug and play’ solution delivered by LMS and Xperate

A new partnership between LMS and Xperate, the UK-based software development company, will enable LMS to deliver its API range to law firms via their CMS platforms, regardless of whether those platforms are part of an existing LMS network.

The partnership is designed to tackle the problem of technology accessibility in the conveyancing industry. Rather than a firm having to invest in the implementation of a series of APIs to gain access to digital tools such as LMS SecureLink, Charge Registrations and confirmly, Xperate has built a series of ‘connectors’ that allows each firm to access these technologies through their own CMS provider, with the necessary API development done behind the scenes between LMS and Xperate.

This means that LMS technology can benefit all firms regardless of size and requires no IT development – a first for the industry. It solves the technology access issues smaller law firms usually face as they will no longer need to depend on external suppliers to deliver such digital transformation, or invest heavily in their own tech development in order to benefit from LMS services.

Xperate and LMS are rolling out the technology for BETA testing in Q1 2023, with the first connectors being built for Partner for Windows (P4W) and Mattersphere.

Travis Scholes, Commercial Director at LMS, said:

“LMS has always been committed to making the conveyancing process easier and more efficient for all through the development of technology and the industry has made great strides in this. Now the tech provision is there, we need to turn our focus to its accessibility.

Larger law firms can more easily take advantage of such tech because they either have more money to invest or more in-house expertise to develop their own. Small firms, on the other hand, are completely reliant on incumbent suppliers to deliver change and they often need to move faster than some of those suppliers are prepared to go if they’re going to see return on investment.

Addressing this inequality is vital if we are going to drive the whole industry towards a tech-enabled, efficient and reliable future. It is up the third-party tech providers to collaborate and make this happen and our partnership with Xperate shows our commitment to improve access to digital and efficient technologies for all law firms, big or small.”

Mark Garnish, Chief Operating Officer at Xperate, adds:

“The tech already exists to transform the conveyancing industry, but driving ease of use and better accessibility is the key to widespread adoption. Only when the whole industry has the ability to implement tech will we see the results we know it can deliver, so working with LMS to bring such an innovative solution to the market is both exciting and rewarding.

“The connectors we’re building will allow all firms to access LMS technology and is a testament to the huge impact true collaboration can have in driving the industry forward.”

If you are a law firm who would like to know more about the partnership, click here.

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