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VisiRule Chatbot Integration with GTP to Provide AI Chatbots Revealed by LPA

Visual Rule is a no-code low-code tool for authoring expert systems decisions that combines expert systems logic, rule-based processing, mathematical computation and document generation. VisiRule charts typically contain decision logic and associated calculations which can answer potentially complex questions which require specialist knowledge using a dynamically constructed sequence of questions, where each subsequent question depends on previous answers.

VisiRule charts can be delivered as dynamic web-pages, embedded process rules or as interactive chatbots. When delivered as chatbots, users are able to interupt the normal sequence of questions and answers and pose their own questions at any time. These are initially answered using Natural Language access to some pre-defined application-specific FAQ data, and now, if nothing matches, using GPT.

The result is a chatbot which can answer complex questions using scripts, specific questions via a local database, and general questions using GPT.

Clive Spenser, LPA, states:  “The integration of GPT and VisiRule means no question is unanswered. The end user benefits from having an expert system ask questions to deliver an informed opinion about a specifc issue, but, along the way, can answer almost any question, whether application or issue specific or quite general.”

LPA is a small dedicated AI company in London, England which has been providing logic-based software solutions since it was formed in 1981.

LPA products have been used in a wide-range of commercial and research applications including legal document assembly, financial compliance, risk assessment, policy automation, environmental engineering, medical disease diagnosis, fault diagnosis, product configuration and quotations.

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