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Osbourne Pinner: Pioneers in Facilitating Overseas Hiring for Over 1000 UK Businesses

London-based Osbourne Pinner has marked a significant achievement by aiding over 1000 UK businesses in recruiting employees from abroad, courtesy of its highly effective Sponsor Licence service.

With a stellar reputation and offices in Piccadilly Circus and Harrow, Osbourne Pinner specializes in aiding UK firms in their quest to hire talented individuals residing outside the UK.

The firm’s success in Sponsor Licence and Skilled Worker Visa services is noteworthy, especially post the 2021 shift to the point-based immigration system, maintaining a 100% success rate in Sponsor Licence applications. This track record has earned Osbourne Pinner recognition as a top solicitor for immigration services in London.

Offering a complimentary 30-minute consultation, Osbourne Pinner helps determine business eligibility for a Sponsor Licence. If an application is unsuccessful, the firm only charges half the fee.

Successful sponsor licence applications under this service allow businesses to hire skilled workers from outside the UK, including the EEA, for Tier 2 and Tier 5 visas. These licences, which are valid for four years and subject to renewal, are contingent on meeting all visa requirements.

Tier 2 Sponsor Licence applications, aimed at recruiting long-term employees, necessitate a UK base, an effective HR system, and proof of genuine skilled job opportunities.

Sponsor licence fee structures vary, with small businesses and charities paying £536, while other organisations are charged £1476. Additional fees include the Immigration Skills charge (£1000 per year per worker) and £199 for each Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS).

Osbourne Pinner’s team, proficient in corporate immigration law across the EU and globally, services diverse businesses, including those with niche requirements.

Senior Immigration Solicitor at Osbourne Pinner, Richard Young said: “We are delighted to see the success of this crucial service and it is very satisfying to see that Osbourne Pinner is now being recognised across the region for our expertise when it comes to recruiting overseas workers.
“Successful sponsor licence applications will allow firms to employ skilled candidates for long periods who will commit to the job. With the complexities of skilled worker licences, the candidates will seldom change jobs. It will be helpful for your business as it leads to better staff retention and also leads to the individual’s career growth.
“Anyone seeking to employ overseas workers should be mindful of the record-keeping, reporting and monitoring that is required by the Home Office to ensure that your company complies with the regulations. We can assist with this, but an in-house HR team is highly beneficial.
“Since the legislation changed in April 2023 to the points-based immigration system, the legalities around recruiting overseas workers now has added complexity, which is why we strongly advise enlisting a legal expert to navigate this complicated area law.”
Richard added: “The sponsor licence renewal process takes around eight weeks to process if there are no issues with the application and companies can apply for renewal three months before the existing licence expires. To avoid any delays, firms should ensure that the HR and personnel systems are working efficiently. This will lead to the smooth processing of the renewal application.
“The sponsors should be aware that in any case of discrepancy, they will be thoroughly investigated by the Home Office. The firm’s compliance with sponsorship requirements would be studied before approving the renewal application.
“Our expert team has helped over 1000 businesses with Sponsor Licences, whether it be applying for the first time or renewal, so we have extensive experience of the requirements and an be your trusted partner through this complicated legal process.”

The firm also supports companies in renewing their Sponsor Licences, a critical process to maintain legal sponsorship of non-EEU workers. Richard advises on efficient HR systems to facilitate smooth renewal applications.

Osbourne Pinner invites businesses seeking overseas recruitment assistance to book a free consultation through their website.

More details about Osbourne Pinner are available here.

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