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Han Law Announces New Menopause Consultant and Offering

In response to the overwhelming results of its ‘Menopause at Work’ survey, which gathered feedback from over 3,000 women, the Han Law team has appointed Haley White, founder of Menospace, as a consultant. She will support the firm in providing specialized menopause-related training, consultancy, and accreditation services to employers.

This new partnership will combine Han Law’s employment law and HR services with Haley’s menopause-specific expertise, bridging the gap between employers and employees to ensure that the 85% of women who don’t feel comfortable talking about their menopause-related struggles in the workplace, is a statistic that doesn’t continue to grow.

The new Menopause Support Packages will include, bespoke consultancy and insight, strategic and legal advice, employee surveys and analysis, dedicated workshops, and accredited training for managers.

Hannah Strawbridge, CEO and Founder of Han Law, explains.

“There are over 6.5 million menopausal women in the UK workforce and almost 1 million of them have left their jobs due to inadequate support,”

“After conducting our menopause at work survey, we weren’t just paying lip service to the issue of how it affects so many women in the workplace. We intended to create a solution and bringing Haley on board is the perfect way to execute that. She is already leading the way in menopause support solutions for employers, so it’s a perfect collaboration.”

“Together, we want to improve the working lives of women, at the peri and menopause stage of their lives. Now we aim to bridge the gap between employers and employees with this new offering.”

“Our solutions will not only positively impact employees, improving retention and satisfaction, but they will also enhance employee wellness programs, representing a vital aspect of their commitment to corporate social responsibility.” She concluded. 

On the appointment, Haley White said.

“Menospace teaming up with Han Law is a game-changer for organisations. Together, we bring the perfect mix of expertise to help create inclusive and legally compliant workplaces. Combining our training with their solid legal advice, this partnership will ensure workplaces are menopause supportive, inclusive, and up-to-date with employment regulations.”

Han Law prides itself on providing proactive, responsive, and human employment law and people support. Established in 2019 Han Law Co is an employment law consultancy comprising a mix of legal and HR professionals with over 200 years of combined experience. Working with both businesses and individuals, Han Law provides practical and cost-effective advice with transparency and integrity. The firm deals with all aspects of employment law including, Employment Tribunal claims, legal contracts and documents, settlement agreements, training, and advice.

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