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Manleys’ Enriching Staff Conference 2023 in Geneva, Switzerland

The Chester-based media law and litigation specialist, Manleys, celebrated its annual staff conference in Geneva, Switzerland, continuing its tradition of combining business discussions with the exploration of exciting locales. Past conferences have taken the team to various European destinations including Marbella, Lisbon, Milan, Palma, and Amsterdam. This year’s getaway began on a Thursday afternoon, marking the start of an eventful conference.

The conference kicked off with an entertaining evening featuring Geneva’s version of bar-based crazy golf, where Sehar Hussain triumphed over Mark Manley, providing a memorable start to the trip. The first day was dedicated to sightseeing, with the team reaching the summit of Mont Blanc. The sunny mountain lunch was followed by a scenic train journey from Chamonix, France. The day also saw some work-related activities, with Sehar Hussain diligently working on urgent client communications and Managing Director Mark Manley engaging in drone photography.

Saturday’s agenda focused on serious business discussions, emphasising personal and business development. Manleys values the input of every team member, encouraging contributions through presentations and proposals for change. The firm, known for its prestigious client base, explored strategies to expand its clientele, which includes members of the Royal family, several PLCs, governments, political parties, NHS Trusts, football clubs, players, agents, and celebrities.

The past year at Manleys has been eventful, with successful representations in diverse legal matters. The firm’s achievements range from resolving shareholder disputes to managing complex media law cases, including appearances before the Court of Arbitration for Sport and even in a New York court.

Post-business discussions, the team enjoyed a memorable cruise on Lake Geneva, followed by a fine dining experience and a lively karaoke session. The conference proved to be both enjoyable and beneficial, particularly for newcomers Sehar and Emma, who have recently joined the firm. Sehar, an experienced litigator from a prominent London law firm, supervises Emma and is known for her clear advice in complex cases. Their addition further strengthens Manleys’ legal expertise.

For further information about Manleys’ commercial dispute services or other inquiries, please contact them at info@manleys.law or 01244 230 000.

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