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Spencer West takes up roots in Bermuda

The London based international law firm, Spencer West LLP, has continued its global growth through the launch of affiliate business Spencer West (Bermuda) Limited.

Spencer West is a leading full-service international law firm advising businesses and individuals across the UK and globally. In addition to its new office in Bermuda, the firm has offices in France, Spain, Pakistan, the Cayman Islands and the UAE. It also has a presence in Hong Kong and Singapore through association with law firms in those jurisdictions.

Spencer West’s core values promote entrepreneurship, collaboration, and excellence, with experienced lawyers who are recognised experts in their fields from leading City, national and international law firms and senior in-house positions. These values are shared by Spencer West (Bermuda) Limited’s, team of dynamic Bermuda lawyers including Orchid Lee, Cameron Hill, Heidi Daniels-Roque and Paul Wilson.

Orchid Lee, a triple called, double qualified Barrister and Solicitor, called to the UK, Cayman Islands and Bermuda Bar, with over 19 years’ experience in the private client trusts and estates arena, is the Founding and Managing Partner of Spencer West (Bermuda) Limited. She says:

“Spencer West Bermuda is a disruptor in the law firm market. We offer a very high level of service akin to the larger firms, while maintaining a user friendly, grassroots, and welcoming approach to our client service, without sacrificing international high standards and quality. Our team of lawyers are well known for their body of work in the Bermuda community, and we wish to continue to foster great relationships with local and international businesses in Bermuda.”

Cameron Hill is the Senior Partner and has been practicing as a Barrister and Advocate since 1996; working in jurisdictions such as London, Scotland, and Paris. He is a fluent French speaker, specialising in commercial dispute resolution as well as a wider range of commercial matters, including insolvency. Cameron has been lead-counsel in a large number of Bermuda commercial cases, including issues relating to common law recognition of foreign office holders, obtaining evidence from abroad in aid of Bermuda proceedings (including arbitrations) and many others. Cameron said:

“We, with the full support of Spencer West have embraced the Government’s suggestion that there are many of our fellow citizens who are not getting a fair shake of the stick and we are aiming to do our part to redress that imbalance. Coupled with our Bermuda and international experience Spencer West Bermuda is ideally poised to make important inroads into developing the newer technologies including blockchain, synthetic risk transfer instruments and other complicated derivatives.”

Heidi Daniels-Roque, has spent 15 years advising clients on a wide range of corporate and commercial matters including investment funds, partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, corporate and debt restructurings, BSX listings as well as more general corporate transactional work, work permits and trusts. She also specializes in Bermuda trademark registrations and renewals.

Paul Wilson is a highly experienced, well-known criminal litigator, practicing in Bermuda since 2006, and has a wide range of dispute resolution expertise, covering Bermuda-based commercial dispute resolution in the Bermuda courts. Paul is also experienced in matters involving governmental issues and white-collar related disputes and has been developing a matrimonial practice and insolvency practice (along with Cameron).  Paul has been working in the traditional fields of commercial litigation in Bermuda.  His experience on his feet and his keen understanding of the law of evidence make him an almost indispensable team member in any litigation matter.

“We are not like traditional law firms, and we make no apologies for that. We want to service our clients with integrity and in a very approachable and transparent manner. There is an element of distrust of lawyers in our community and I hope that we can make a difference,” said Orchid Lee.

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